Your acronym for DNC

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The Democratic National Committee just doesn’t quite sum up the extreme qualities of this entity, so let’s come up with some new acronyms!

“Desperately Needing Cunning” would be an example.


DNC Seeking Slogan for Billboard in Rush Limbaugh’s Backyard

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The DNC shamelessly reveals both its desperation and its brazenness in recruiting private citizens to join them in attacking… a private citizen. NICE.

My very own “gaffe,” and it’s a doozy.

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I have learned that it is neither prudent nor wise to post online when I am barely functioning due to lack of sleep.

This morning I posted on a message board in a thread relating to the UK teen couple who find themselves to be the parents of a newborn baby.  A shocking story, and frankly one I haven’t read up on very astutely… which makes my gaffe all the more idiotic and thoughtless.

I made so bold as to refer to the teen mother as a “slut.”  Even as I look back on my state of mind, I’m in shock.  Considering my history as a youth leader for several years, I apparently completely ignored the factors of her age, maturity level, and the possibility that her home life isn’t the most stellar given that she turned to sexual relationships.

I’ve posted an apology on the board, but it’s really not enough.  It’s not the way I would ever consciously choose to represent myself or my views, and yet there it is.  I could probably delete the post, but I think that’d be a copout from my actions and taking responsibility for them.

In any case, to anyone who reads this or who read my initial post and the follow-up thereof, I again express my apologies and shame.  It was entirely uncalled for, and the teen mother in question deserves my empathy instead of my ridicule.

Another one bites the dust (or is about to).

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Obama’s Labor Secretary choice also has tax issues

Nancy Pelosi… a little “off” on numbers.

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Obama cabinet official leaves over tax problems

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Nice.  Who is vetting these people?

Bad things come in threes for Mr. Obama. Nancy Killefer was the third cabinet level appointment made by the new President to be caught up with tax problems but she’s the first to leave.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009
WASHINGTON – Over the past month we’ve learned about the tax problems of Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, then HHS nominee Tom Dashcle and now Chief Perormance Officer Nancy Killefer being the first Obama administration official with tax problems to drop out.Killefer is withdrawing because of tax problems. A White House spokesman confirmed the drop out but declined to comment on the reasons and said more information would come later.

Tax problems are plaguing Tom Daschle, the former Senate majority leader selected by Obama to spearhead U.S. healthcare reform. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner’s nomination was also held up for tax issues, although he was eventually confirmed.

Killefer, a director at management consulting firm McKinsey & Company and a former assistant Treasury secretary in the Clinton administration, was to work with economic officials to increase efficiencies and eliminate waste in government spending.

Obama repeatedly promised that his administration would go “line by line” over its budgets with a focus on fiscal responsibility even as he seeks huge amounts of money to stimulate the U.S. economy.

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Obama against lobbyists in his administration…but not so much.

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CNN Political Ticker – Obama Picks Defense Lobbyist as Deputy Defense Secretary

Not a good indicator of him sticking to his guns.