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My very own “gaffe,” and it’s a doozy.

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , on February 16, 2009 by Rachel Moore

I have learned that it is neither prudent nor wise to post online when I am barely functioning due to lack of sleep.

This morning I posted on a message board in a thread relating to the UK teen couple who find themselves to be the parents of a newborn baby.  A shocking story, and frankly one I haven’t read up on very astutely… which makes my gaffe all the more idiotic and thoughtless.

I made so bold as to refer to the teen mother as a “slut.”  Even as I look back on my state of mind, I’m in shock.  Considering my history as a youth leader for several years, I apparently completely ignored the factors of her age, maturity level, and the possibility that her home life isn’t the most stellar given that she turned to sexual relationships.

I’ve posted an apology on the board, but it’s really not enough.  It’s not the way I would ever consciously choose to represent myself or my views, and yet there it is.  I could probably delete the post, but I think that’d be a copout from my actions and taking responsibility for them.

In any case, to anyone who reads this or who read my initial post and the follow-up thereof, I again express my apologies and shame.  It was entirely uncalled for, and the teen mother in question deserves my empathy instead of my ridicule.